Home improvements are always beneficial, whether you are looking to boost the value of your home or simply enjoy better living space. However, home renovations are time consuming projects that can leave a dent in your pocket. Here are a few tips to increase home value at an affordable budget. It helps to take one step at a time instead of rushing to renovate everything at once. List the suggestions below, plan out the budget with professional renovation experts and get started slowly and steadily for best results.

5 Home Renovations to Increase Property Value

1. Energy Efficient Windows

Have you ever considered upgrading your windows with energy efficient new ones? If your window frames are rotting or condensation gathers between the glass, it’s time to upgrade to new energy efficient windows. New, durable, low maintenance framing materials offers better insulation, saving you as much as $100 to $450 a year in heating and cooling costs. There’s no need to replace the entire window. Simply changing damaged glass or rotting window frames can save you as much as 25% in electricity costs. Double panes of glass offers better insulation than a single pane. New windows also look more aesthetic to prospective buyers.

2. Elegant Hardwood Floors

Attractive, durable flooring can instantly boost property valuation. Hardwood floors look more elegant and can save you a lot of money in the long run. If your worn out wall-to-wall carpets need replacement, you may want to look at hardwood floors. Mid-range oak floors may cost twice the price of carpeting in the same-size but they carry a warranty for at least 25 years. Carpeting costs a lot in maintenance if you take bi-annual steam cleaning and rigorous vacuuming into account. Hardwood does well by simple vacuuming and a protective coat applied every three to five years to preserve the shine. Well maintained hardwood floors can last up to 100 years, adding beauty and value to your home.

3. Updated Garage Door

An outdated garage door can set back curb appeal drastically. Replace it with an energy-efficient new model before you put up your house on the market. New garage doors keep your home better insulated, better protected and lowers energy bills and boosts home value by as much as 90%.

4. Upgraded Kitchen

An outdated, tired kitchen doesn’t do much to attract prospective home buyers. Install new cabinets, light fixtures, durable countertops and attractive faucets to refresh a worn out kitchen. A bright, attractive kitchen instantly changes the look of the entire home and increases property value. Don’t forget to add a fresh coat of paint to the walls of your kitchen and your entire home for that matter to boost aesthetic appeal and value.

5. Beautiful Bathroom

Right after the kitchen is the bathroom in terms of home valuation. A well done-up full bathroom can increase sales price dramatically. See if you can sneak in an extra 3-piece bathroom in a less utilized space, such as under the staircase. Look at upgrades such as frame less glass shower doors, sliding shower doors or large mirrors to reflect space, neo-angle showers for a novel touch, spacious cabinets and attractive, easy-to-maintain tiled flooring.

Inspiration Renovations, Calgary

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