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If you are living with an unfinished basement, you are sacrificing usable square footage, leaving money on the table when you sell, and may not have adequate insulation to keep your home running efficiently. A basement renovation with Inspiration Renovation will allow you to utilize unused space in your home and transform concrete floors and bare walls into a luxury living area for you and your family. At Inspiration Renovation, we have the specialty to deliver your dream basement, no matter what your heart desires. Dreamed of surround sound with projection televisions? We can do that. Would you like a bar or wine cellar to entertain your friends? No problem. Anything is possible, no matter what style or type of space you want to create.

Our team of professionals will work one on one with you to design and transform your basement. You will have one main contact throughout the project, so you never have to worry about miscommunication or explaining the same concepts and ideas over and over to new teams throughout the project. We make the process as smooth as possible and find the basement solution that works for you.

Call or email Inspiration Renovations to request a free quote for your next basement renovation in Calgary.


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