A finished basement adds more value to your home. When the extra space is well utilized, you get more out of your home emotionally and financially. Not everyone has the capacity to plan it out well. The open space can spoil you for a choice of ideas. Should you convert it into an additional living room, a guest bedroom, office, man cave, laundry or gym? Or should you just remodel it to create a separate rental space to supplement your income? Here are a few of our popular basement remodelling suggestions to inspire you.

5 Inspiring Basement Remodelling Ideas

Stellar Wine Cellar

Basement areas make fantastic wine cellars. This is because wine needs cool, damp conditions to store them in the best condition. If you can control the environmental factors with an insulated ceiling with vapour barrier, concrete floor sealed with concrete sealant and foam-lined walls, you can turn your space into a cozy wine cellar with glass-panelled, airtight weather-stripped doors. Avoid recessed lighting for cellars. Use low-voltage track lighting instead. Paint the walls with water-based paint and make sure space is odour-free with cooling systems. Place furniture, humidifier, cushions and you’re done! Browse through magazines or consult our professionals at Inspiration Renovations for cool layout ideas.

Game for a Play Area?

Turn your dark, damp basement area into a warm, bright, colourful space for your kids. A great way to maximize the space is by installing floor to ceiling cabinets to store all the fun stuff. Avoid open shelves if you’d like the playroom to look neat and clean. Get closed cabinets of varying shapes and sizes to store assorted items such as toys, books and paint kits. Keep a small table and chairs for homework and crafts. There are many modern designs available for a unique look. For instance, you can cordon off one corner into an exciting gaming area or gym to keep an eye on the kids even when you’re busy with leisure activities. Or install a small kitchen with a mini fridge for quick meals without having to leave the kids. Install sliding doors and big windows to let in light. Call us for other creative solutions.

Dramatic Home Theatre

A home theatre is a popular idea for your basement space. It is dark, cozy and spacious, simulating a movie theatre experience. Add carpeting to absorb sound. Install a bar in one corner to enjoy a drink or two with your family and friends when you are transported to another world. Just make sure the area is dry. Inspect your basement for leaks and excessive dampness. New developments are better constructed to reduce dampness than older homes. Measure the basement entryway before you bring in a massive TV. Narrow and low ceilings are not the ideal space for large televisions or rigid projection screens. You might want to consider rolled up lightweight fabric projection screens that can be easily carried up and down the stairs. LED lights around the seating area can help you find your way around in the dark without tripping over a chair. Remote controlled lights place light control in your hands without having you leave your seat.

Rental Income

This area is also ideal for remodelling into a suite to rent out for a sustainable source of supplemented income. Affordable housing is a challenge for many Canadians. Students, young couples and millennial professionals are always on the look for basement places to rent while they build equity to buy a home or to live closer to their place of work. Basement suites are cheaper than apartments of similar sizes because utilities are also included as an attractive proposition.

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