We Do Home Additions in All Areas

Have you ever considered building your own home?  Creating the perfect one of a kind place tailored to your families need.  Everything built just the way you want it from the ground up? At Inspiration Renovations & Homes, we love to custom build. Whether you’ve found the perfect lot out in the country to start fresh or maybe you own an inner city lot that has an existing house ready to be torn down. Either way we would be thrilled to turn your dream home ideas into reality.

Building foundation of home addition projectHome addition after construction
Home additionHome addition

Is your current home not quite large enough for your needs? Do you need a larger family/ kitchen area? Or perhaps your family is expanding and you’d like an extra bedroom. Instead of moving why not consider an addition?

It very well might be the most cost-effective option. You also get to stay in the neighborhood you love plus get the extra living space you need. Our design partners are ready to help you come up with the perfect plan.

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