It might be tempting to renovate your home before selling it to get the most bang for your buck, but sometimes large renovations aren’t necessary to increase the value of your home. There are smaller, cost-effective ways to raise your home’s value and here are just a few of them.

Improve Curb Appeal

This is the first think house buyers will see, so you need to make sure the exterior of your home and its curb appeal are well kept. This could mean power-washing the driveway, painting the outside of the house, trimming or removing plant life and cleaning your gutters. An inviting exterior will convince people to see what else your home has to offer.

Paint using Neutral Colours

As potential homeowners like to picture themselves living in the house, it’ll be easier to do when bold walls aren’t around every corner. If you have brighter coloured walls throughout your home, cover them up with a neutral colour. This will mean less work needs to be done by the buyer, making the home seem more appealing.

Does it Smell?

Be aware of any unpleasant odours that may turn off potential buyers. Musty scents may give the impression that there’s mould, mildew or other water damage throughout the home. If you have pets, be sure to have the carpets and flooring professionally cleaned before hosting any open houses.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Inexpensive, eco-friendly changes do well to attract buyers. While it’s not the best idea to go too crazy, think about installing solar panels, a smart thermostat system, high-efficiency appliances or bamboo flooring. Small, energy saving changes like these, that will save future homeowners money, will convince someone to spend more money to purchase your home.

Update the Bathroom

A few new decorative pieces or small fixes can do a lot to freshen up a bathroom. Whether you switch out the shower head for a more impressive one or replace the faucet with a modern design, small changes can make a big difference in the selling price. For a bathroom that’s more than ten years old, consider renovating it to attract more buyers.

Remodel the Kitchen

We’re not suggesting to rip out the entire kitchen and start from scratch, but providing potential buyers with a kitchen that’s usable for the next few years will drive the listing price up. Kitchens are one of the few rooms that can sell a home on its own. If you have a beautiful, upgraded kitchen then you’re set. You can do small things like painting the cabinets, switching out older appliances and changing out hardware. However, if it’s a pretty old kitchen, you might want to consider a kitchen renovation.


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