Thinking of a kitchen overhaul? If high costs are preventing you from taking the plunge, you need to consult the right professionals. Companies that offer high-end renovations need not always drain out your bank. Experienced renovation company experts can save you time and money with well-planned designs within your budget so you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Inspiration Renovations have been long trusted in Calgary for stylish budget-friendly designs without compromises on your wish-list. Here are a few money-saving ideas to revive your kitchen with fewer hassles.

5 Kitchen Fixes at Affordable Costs

The average cost of a kitchen remodel can cost as much as a brand new car. But small considerations on every aspect, from cabinets to countertops, can save you big. Start by fixing a budget, then keep track of the costs of every project from installing new countertops to painting the walls. It also helps to remember that costs of a complete kitchen overhaul depend on a few variables such as the size of the space, the number of updates you have in mind, the materials you select and the charges of the contractors you choose. Budget-friendly materials and cost-considerate contractors can make a big difference.


Cabinets take up a large area of kitchen space which means they contribute considerably to the look of the area. Brand new cabinetry is available in stock, semi-custom and fully customized styles. Stock cabinets are the most cost-effective. They may not fit the exact specifications but a few centimetres here and there will not make much difference. Expert contractors can use moldings and filler pieces to hide gaps seamlessly. If the cabinets are in fairly good condition, refinishing them instead of replacing can save you a lot.

Consider embellishments such as attractive new knobs or decorative trim on the doors for instance. Refacing existing cabinet frames and drawer fronts with a wood or laminate veneer can reduce costs but painting them saves you more effort and money. Polished nickel instead of expensive chrome knobs look as clean and classy. If the doors are worn out, you might want to take them off for an open shelf concept for easy access to your dishes. Paint the shelves with attractive neutral shades such as milk white or grey for a clean look. Alternately, add bright fabric for a pop of colour.

Sink and Appliances

Avoid moving the sink and large electrical appliances such as the refrigerator and dishwasher around. Running new wiring and plumbing pipes can knock off thousands of dollars from your budget. Replace an outdated sink with a new model instead. Make sure your updated appliances match in colour.


Avoid increasing the window size. Carving out wall space can cost a lot. You may want to consider upgrading your light fixtures instead. Switch to bright, energy-efficient LED lights. Paint the walls in a bright shade of white to bring in more light.


When installing countertops, be mindful of the material. Fancy customized materials are trendy but can cost up to $100 – $160 per square foot in costs. Marble is classic but softer and more expensive than granite and can scratch easily. Stainless steel kitchen countertops do not stain, is heat resistant, easy to clean and cheaper. Granite countertops are more affordable, most durable and easy to maintain. Although laminate is the cheapest, it’s not the most durable. Consult professional contractors if you are unsure of the best choice for your kitchen.

Kitchen Innovations by Inspiration Renovations, Calgary

For well finished, affordable kitchen upgrades, check out Inspiration Renovations for guaranteed results. Founded by master cabinetmaker Douglas Mann who has over 28 years of construction experience, you know you are in reliable hands when you consult us. Call us for remodelling your kitchen in the Calgary area.


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