No renovation project is the same, and a lot can go wrong if you’re unprepared. If you’re planning to remodel any part of your home, here are a few things to avoid for the best experience.

Rushing into a Project

If you’ve just bought a home and want to renovate it as soon as you move in, you could end up with a mess on your hands. Renovating a space when you haven’t learned what works with the flow and how things should be changed around makes any renovation that follows useless. Take a month or two to get a feel for the house before contacting a general contractor.

Hiring the First Contractor

It’s important that you hire the right company to renovate your home. You want the best people working on your biggest investment, so interview at least three or four contractors and request references of their previous work before agreeing to move forward. Make sure they have the proper insurance and licensing so you’re safe if any injuries happen during the renovation process.

An Overly Strict Budget

Having a budget during a renovation is a must, as it helps you stay on track with your expenses and allows you to get everything you want for a price you’re comfortable with. However, making that budget precise to the last dollar amount won’t help anyone. Issues can always arise that you never considered while budgeting. Having very little wiggle room makes it harder for everyone involved to do their job and create a safer home for you. Whatever budget you have, increase it by 15 to 20% so you have a contingency fund in case something unexpected happens.

Being Too Cheap

Choosing the cheapest options available won’t guarantee your renovation will look amazing or that you’ll save all that much money. Going with inexpensive materials or trying to find ways around properly fixing issues you can’t see will only result in you renovating your home again down the line. It’s important to try and save money where you can, but remember that you’re renovating your home to improve upon it.

Unmatched Neighborhood Appeal

If you’re renovating the exterior of your home, be sure to keep it similar to the houses in your neighborhood. Now, we’re not saying to fashion it exactly like every other house on the block, but don’t make drastic changes if you’re surrounded by traditional, suburban houses.


Try not to constantly change your mind about large concepts during a home renovation. It’s okay not to be sure about what door hardware you want, but changing the paint colour four times or requesting a new countertop the day before the original one is delivered won’t put your contractors in a good mood. Last minute changes can also get expensive for you. By derailing the estimated timeline, you’ll be paying more in labor costs until the project is complete.

Not Being Open-Minded

There are many options available to you during a home renovation that sticking to traditional hardwood floors or granite countertops will hinder your design. Step outside the box, hire a designer if you have to, so you can truly customize your renovation to fit your exact tastes and create something unique.

Expecting a Smooth Renovation

No renovation is complete without a problem popping up somewhere. There are many factors to a renovation that can affect how the experience goes, including the time of year, weather conditions, available materials, hidden problems within your home and more. When going into a renovation, except for things not to go as planned.

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