For any homeowner, a renovation project can be exciting and challenging at the same time. If you believe that redesigning a home was the more challenging part of the entire renovation project you may be way off the mark. Of course, designing is a huge component. Deciding which space does what, how to place walls and beams in between and how will be the rooms divided, all these decisions are a big part of how your final remodelled home will look. Once these plans are made, homeowners are really keen to start the renovation right away. But there are three major mistakes that most homeowners need to be wary of when planning a renovation.

Time Management

It’s not just a management skill that you need to learn for your professional life. Calgary based leading home renovations expert describes time management to be the biggest glitch in home renovation planning. Most homeowners are supremely eager to start their home renovation project, and we understand why. Everyone likes to start living in a dream house they planned as quickly as possible. But take a step back and map the timeline for a home renovation project.

When deciding on the timeline, don’t just focus on the physical labour required, but also consider that every project goes through a variety of stages before the actual groundwork can commence. Homeowners must consider the time taken for approvals, condo and co-approvals, municipality sanctions, city planning authority sanctions, time for debris removal, site cleaning and the endless number of tasks that need to be completed before the first nail is hammered. It may be prudent to start getting the paperwork ready for approvals or even submitting it before you actually begin the physical task of remodelling.

The Approval Stage

Now that you have submitted all the paperwork, you are ready to hire people to begin the actual physical tasks of drilling and breaking down. Guess what? You have just underestimated the time for approvals. According to home renovation consultants, often homeowners completely underestimate the approval steps when planning a renovation. Though this topic is close to the previous point, homeowners usually estimate the time needed for approvals by themselves and give a starting date to home remodelling contractors, only to find themselves frustrated and hamstrung when approvals do not come by until the last minute. This mistake adds stress, collapses timelines of a project and if you have already paid in advance for the remodelling experts, you may lose some or all amount of it if you do not start on the stipulated date.

Alternative Arrangements

Homeowners fail to realize the gravity of not being able to use a huge part of a bathroom or living room of their home for the remodelling duration. They often forget to make alternative arrangements during the work. More than 15% of remodelling experts point out that homeowners do not think about the implications of living without access to a particular room or section of their home. Whether you are partially renovating or completely remodelling, experts suggest that it is imperative to estimate the time needed and to plan alternative living arrangements.

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